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Stal Ehrens provides fully personalised training and coaching. Whether it regards private lessons, clinics, group lessons or long-term training and support: anything is possible. Stal Ehrens also offers the option of taking in horses to develop their talents and to show them.

Rob Ehrens Academy - Weert


You create the results in the show ring at home, and they arise from a deep passion for horses. Riding your horse in such way that it is properly through and connected, working over the back, building up its strength and taking your time for it, will in the long run help you perform optimally in the show ring.

For 16 years, Rob has worked as the national coach of the Dutch team and over the years, he has become ever more enthusiastic about educating riders. Rob is a level 6 Mastercoach in Sports (the highest level) and has trained, supported and coached riders up to the highest level. Now, he welcomes riders of all levels to his classes almost every day. Ehrens Sr. is supported by his son Robbert, who is also a Level 5 Coach.

When you come to Stal Ehrens, you will train with Rob or Robbert and together you will work to create a basis that will allow you to continue developing your horse and yourself. You will receive ample suggestions that you can use at home. Do you want to learn more about the management of a horse, such as working towards peak performance at a competition, schooling the horse for the next level, or indeed more consistent performances? Stal Ehrens offers the possibility of acquiring this knowledge by working as an intern in combination with training sessions with your own horse.

Riders from all over the world travel to Stal Ehrens to train. This could be for a longer period of time, but also for a short training of a few days prior to a show. The horses can be stabled at Stal Ehrens, and conveniently nearby, riders find a hotel and a bed & breakfast.

Clinics all over the world

Rob and Robbert travel regularly to various countries all over the world to educate riders and to help them to ride with more awareness. During those clinics, Rob and Robbert work with small groups of riders, in order to be able to share as much information as possible. Time and again, the coaches emphasise the importance of creating a good basis, from which rider and horse can continue to develop themselves.

Rob regularly visits Sweden and Norway, for example, but also travels to Brazil and Peru several times a year. Closer to his home, in the Netherlands and Belgium, Stal Ehrens regularly organises training days and clinics. More information about the upcoming events can be found at the bottom of this page.


Alone you can go faster, together you will get further.

Throughout the years, the Ehrens family have joined various collaboration projects and have supported a range of initiatives, including:

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