Robbert Ehrens

Robbert is the son of Rob and Vilja Ehrens and is an International Show jumper. As a child Robbert’s first contact with horses was with a little riding school pony called Jacky. At that time the family lived in the southern province of Limburg where his father Rob was busy with his show jumping career. Robbert started riding Jacky at the riding school and by the age of 16 he was riding successfully at Junior Level and eagerly wanted to accompany his father to International Shows. He realised that he wanted to become a professional rider himself. He never felt pressurised by his parents to pursue an equestrian career. In 2011 he decided to open his own stables. There followed a number of successful years with several horses being sold to professional riders abroad.


“This was a very important time for me. I had to learn and discover everything by myself. Managing a professional stable is a big responsibility and I learnt from the good things but also from the difficult things. During that time I developed my passion for breeding. I am very interested in bloodlines, pedigrees and breeding also on a modest scale. I am also honoured that I am a member of the board of the AES Studbook. I follow with great interest all the developments in breeding and sport”.


Over the years Robbert has built up an outstanding reputation as trainer of talented show jumpers. Several talented horses have been very successfully trained by Robbert. Below some International horses that were trained and educated by Robbert.

 Marcus Quintus
VDL Alpha

Sport Results:

2016 Odense CSIO3* GP Hisa ( 3 )
2016 Odense Nation Cup Hisa ( 2 )
2016 Kronenberg CSIO2* GP Hisa ( 3 )
2016 Lanaken CSIO 2* GP Hisa ( 2 )

After several successful years with his own stable, Robbert and his parents decide in 2016 that it is time to set up a family stable.
From 2017 Rob and Robbert work together on a daily basis. Sharing knowledge, education, horsemanship and communication: these are the values of the Ehrens Stables.

Robbert is also very active as trainer. Riders of different levels are glad to travel to Weert so that he can help them progress to another level of riding proficiency. Competition plans are drawn up and Robbert would be prepared to go along to help during the competition.