In 2016, the Ehrens family decided to join forces by setting up their own location from where Ehrens Stable would be run. The ball started rolling after Rob discussed this at a meeting of Paardensport Limburg, during the Jumping Indoor Maastricht event. Once the location on the Nelissenhofweg was found, the decision was easily made.

“Weert felt like coming home for all three of us. Weert and particularly the location on the Nelissenhofweg has great emotional value. Not only because Robbert was born here, it’s also where he attended school.
In addition, a large part of my sporting career revolved around our neighbours the Gordijn family and I have very happy memories of those times. In the end though we let Robbert make the final decision as he is the future of the stables. Robbert was also keen to return to Weert”.


Rob and Robbert had seen many stables over the years which had given them an idea of how they would like their own to be. They enlisted the help of the well-known Turkish designer Ahmet Yilmaz who had designed the Carpe Diem Stables amongst others and all ideas were put down on paper and worked out. Ahmet Yilmaz’s vision was use the natural environment, creating a peaceful, light and spacious area for horse and rider so that both would feel at ease.