Ehrens Stables

“All experiences we have gained at other locations have been merged into our own stable. We are very happy that we have been able to build our dream with professional companies such as Agterberg, SeBo, Röwer & Rüb and PMC Staal Constructiebedrijf.
Stable Ehrens is a modern, functional company that has all requirements regarding well-being, sustainability and functionality.
We are proud that we are a solid home base for training top horses and riders and offer the possibility to train and prepare optimally” .

Stal Ehrens has access to:

36 spacious boxes

Indoor arena (58 x 32 meter) from Agterberg

Outdoor arena (70 x 40 meter) from Agterberg

Lunge Circle

Galloping track

12 paddocks


Training hill

2.1 ha of field

Accommodation for guests

Team Ehrens